Winter Menu 2020 

  •   Valencian Oyster with Angulas del Milinell in Pickled Fondillon and Cured Roe of Blue Lobster.
  • Small Cream of Red Prawn of Dénia with red shrimp and “Arrope” Sauce.
  • Dried Octopus Flambeed (Tradición Dianense)
  • Sea Cucumber with Grilled Vegetables and Grilled Artichokes .
  • Garlic Sea Urchins with Mushrooms “Colmenillas”, Fried Anemone and Citric Sauce 
  • Red King Prawn from Dénia Boiled in SeaWater(Supplement 10 €) .
  • Stew of Kokotxas (Lower Part of Hake Chin), Truffe and and Egg Yolk From Farm
  • Grilled Young (Small)CuttlesFish with Iberic Pig Gill and peanut “Cacau Collaret”
  • Fish from Market Grilled to the Aroma branch of the vine stock .


  • Bourbon Vanilla Panacotta with Canals Strawberries and Strawberry Ice Cream.
  • Warm Apple Pie.

Menú de temporada
(Trufa- Erizos de Mar) 

  • Sea urchins with Mediterranean bluefin tuna. Wild Eel, with tender Artichokes and Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum).
  • Garlic UrchinSea on Mushrooms , Fried Anemone and Citrus Emulsion.
  • Red King Prawn from Dénia Boiled in SeaWater(Opcional Suplemento 10 €).
  • “Cocochas “ stew (lower Part of Hake Chin) and Temperate Egg .

Main course to choose 

  • Sea bass with sea urchin Sabayon.
  • Suckling Lamb "Guirro of Dénia" Lacquer with Truffled Caldereta juice and sprouts


  • Panacotta Vanilla with Small Strawberries of Canals

Menus for minimum 2 people and Full Table