Seas & Orchards

The produce comes first. Produce from the fish market and the farmlands, fresh top-quality local produce. Every day we head down to Denia fish market and other fish markets around Valencia to search for the best fish and seafood from the Mediterranean.  

Our produce

Denia red prawns are the stars of the show, with our dishes of langoustines, shrimp and lobster sharing the limelight.  But that's not all. We look to other coasts to offer our customers oysters, sea urchins, octopus, sea cucumber or elvers.  

Farm produce is also an important part of the pantry at Peix & Brases.  

We respect the land and are guided by the seasons. Our menu changes with the cycles of nature. Artichokes, asparagus, tomatoes, pepper...The Mediterranean means sea, but also market gardens.

Rice is another of our hallmarks.  There is nothing more 'ours' than a paella or a rice dish made with the outstanding raw materials we have. Seafood or meat, or both. Our rice dishes speak for themselves.  


We serve up market cuisine where the techniques and produce are in perfect harmony. We work hard to bring out the essence of each of these products from the sea or garden.  Our skill with the grills is one of our distinguishing features, and these are responsible for making each product shine.

And let's not forget the avant-garde, also a feature of many of our dishes. Our kitchen uses the most cutting-edge culinary techniques, transforming textures, shapes and colours to the surprise of our diners.